Responding to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children

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Who are we?

Wajibu Wetu meaning ‘common responsibility’ is a children’s charity organisation based in Kenya that will shortly celebrate its tenth year anniversary. Founded by Jane and George Kilonzo, Wajibu Wetu responds to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi and its suburb areas. Currently, Wajibu Wetu is taking care of around 55 children between the ages of four to twenty


What We Do

Outreach, Residential and Exit Programme

In line with the Guidelines for the Alternative Family Care for Children in Kenya Wajibu Wetu goal is to strengthen its outreach mission. It wishes to extend both its capacity for admitting children as well as the scope of its...
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Let's Stop This hunger and fullfill their happiness

On the verge of celebrating its tenth year anniversary, opportunities and challenges have Wajibu Wetu going through some transformations, which on their turn pose new challenges and opportunities.

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